Sunday, October 3, 2010

what a beautiful sunday!!!

It was such a beautiful morning we we left for church this morning!!!

After church we had planned to go to our favorite Japanese place for lunch but it didn't open until noon wo we ran to the mall to kill some time!!! Essie at the mall playing...she was a wild woman!!!

And here's a video of Essie at Target she always has to stop and dance with these little halloween guys!!!

After lunch we came home and all three took such a LOVELY LOOONG nap!

This evening I made some taco soup since it's quite chilly and four batches of buttercream icing for Sarah's baby shower this week.  I made vanilla, chocolate, and peanutbutter!!!


Annie said...

So glad you had a great day. Essie's dress is beautiful.

Jennifer said...

The video is hilarious but oh so cute! She's a doll!

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