Wednesday, October 6, 2010

baby shower and Popsicles!!!

Yesterday we had a baby shower for my friend Sarah and baby Cooper! (please excuse the quality of these pics they were taken with my little cruddy camera since my other is in the shop!)

And then today I took half of a personal day to go to our big local consignment sale...Popsicles!!! Oh how I love it...I LOVE the thrill of getting a steal! We spent a total of 150 bucks today but check out ALL the goodies we got!!!

This year we focused on bigger items like toys etc and I think we racked up!

An Elmo workbench that's missing it's tools but we got it for 5 bucks! It plays music and sounds and we are going to put it in the garage so Essie can "build" when her daddy goes out there to work! We just have to find her a toolset to go with it.  We looked online and these things are selling for like 150 bucks on ebay!!!

 And since our child is a doll addict we found this cute baby doll swing for 4 bucks and this cradle for 5! We will probably jazz up the cradle with some paint later!

We also found this cute vaccuum for 3 bucks...

and a rocking chair for 8 that we are going to paint.

Travis HAD to have this ballet pole/video set for when she's older and in ballet. I can just picture her sticking her little foot on it to "practice" her moves.  It will probably go upstairs in the bonus room until she can use it!
And we also bought a pack and play that's like new for 15 bucks to leave at Travis' parents house.

And I found quite a few cute outfits...most were between 3 and 5 bucks!

This one is my absolute fav!!! It's a Christmas tree top with jeans that match! Oh I had to have was the most expensive item we bought but worth every penny!

Oh and don't ya just love this says "I think I'm the favorite."

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Annie said...

Wao, lots of great stuff.

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