Friday, October 8, 2010

15 Months

Essie you are 15 Months old today!!! How is that possible? You are a HOOOOOOT right now! Here's what's going on in your world:

  • You are wearing mostly size 12-18 months size clothes, size 4 diaper and 4 shoes.
  • I have no idea what you have your checkup next week so I will post that later!
  • ELMO still reigns supreme in your life! You can spot Elmo across a store, scream his name, and have to get your mitts on him! You watch your elmo movies at least two times a day and you point to the tv and ask for more.  You have actually started calling him "Elmo" instead of "mo-mo".  I am really hoping that Sesame Street Live comes our way while you are still in this phase!
  • You love your babies and play with them allllll day everyday.  You love to line them up on the couch and put them all in a chair.  You sleep with several of them and have to take them with your wherever you go.  You are baby crazy.
  • You talk so much I cannot even keep up with your words...You can repeat anything and can express what you want really well.

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