Friday, October 8, 2010


So today I began a journey...a much needed one...a much, much, much needed one.  I went to my yearly checkup at my OBGYN a few weeks back and pretty much got lectured about my weight (I've gained quite a bit since Essie was born) .  I was embarrassed and humiliated and ready to finally do something about it.  That conversation with the doctor has been weighing (no pun intended) on my mind ever since and not but a few days later I received an email from my school district about a "biggest loser" competition that will be going on within my district for the next 12 weeks.  Basically we sign up, pay 10 bucks and weigh in at the nurse's office every friday morning.  We pay a dollar for every pound gained and 5 dollars for every weighin missed.  I knew it was perfect timing for me so I bit the bullet and signed up.  Today was the first official weigh-in.  I am determined and confident that I can make a's time.  I also know that by putting this out there for all you readers to see that I will be held accountable! The competition goes for 12 weeks with the final weighin in December.  Here I am today...

and hopefully in my picture in December there will be a lot less of me! ha! I will post every Friday my progress of pounds lost! My goal is to lose 50 pounds in those 12 weeks.  Wish me luck!

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Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, good luck! I think this is great!! I need to lose about 50lbs too. I will be following, for sure. Give us all the tips you can. Yea!!! Go Randi!

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