Friday, October 15, 2010

loser update #1

Just a real quick update today...I will post some pics of our Piggie Pie party from school today later but I wanted to go ahead and update my progress on the Biggest Loser Competition.  As of today I have "officially" lost 8 pounds.  I thought my starting weight was one thing but the nurse had it down as another.  By my records I lost 10 pounds but we are going by her records so that means my official weight loss for week 1 is 8 pounds...woohoo!


Jennifer said...

8lbs??!! That is awesome! So, tell us what your doing different. Are you eating different foods, have you cut out certain food....? Please share.

Annie said...

8 lbs. in one week, amazing!!!

Please share your secret because I try and only loose 3lbs.

Good luck!!!

Rachelle said...

That is awesome Randi!

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