Sunday, October 24, 2010

Parents Night Out

We tried to milk our weekend alone for all it was worth.  We tried to cram in all the things we don't get to do with Essie here.  We left out last night at 8 pm in search of something to do.  We stopped at puttputt golf and played a round.  I got two holes in one and travis only beat me by two in the end.  Then we stopped by the bowling alley and it's very clear that neither of us have a future in pro bowling!  Then we went to a late dinner and finished our evening up with a midnight run to walmart! We got home after midnight and felt so irresponsible! We slept in til 10 which we NEVER can do and I spent the afternoon cleaning our house from top to bottom.  We met my parents up in Newport again and got our baby back around 2ish.  It was so good to see her! She was so excited to see us she did a happy dance in fact!  She's been super fussy since she's been home...screaming  her head off and melting down at everything.  I think she's super tired and her nose is running and stuffy.  I'm hoping she wakes up in a much better mood tomorrow!

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