Saturday, October 23, 2010

a 28th for daddy!

Yesterday was Travis' 28th birthday! I took off half a day and his parents came down.  We went to lunch at our favorite place together.

Then we came home and I gave him his gift....I hid puzzle pieces in a box of fruit loops so he had to dig to find them! Then he had to put the pieces in order to solve it. Check out EClaire's says "The Bigger the Bow the Better the Mommy".  :)
Here was the completed puzzle.   It says "two tickets to see Brad Paisley and "hootie blowfish" (darius rucker) at little rock". 

Then we all went to Newport to meet my parents to drop off Essie and we went to US Pizza....amazing pizza and salads (lets just say I did NOT stick to the diet yesterday so I will be working extra hard the rest of the week). 

Then my parents took Essie for the weekend so we could go to the ASU game today (they gave him tickets for his bday).  It was so sad to see her driving away but I know she'll have fun and we need a weekend away!  

This morning we went to the game...It was an AMAZING game...the 2nd half was so exciting! We won 37-16!

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