Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just what I needed!

Here lately I've been feeling super ovewhelmed! Between work (which just seems like it demands more of me this year), keeping up with a very busy 14 month old while keeping the housework up, planning my next catering event along with a baby shower at school, getting stuff ready for 2 consignment events, and all the halloween bucket orders we have I feel pulled in so many directions! I have been longing for a quiet day to get caught up and I got just that today!!! We got up, ate breakfast, and went out to run a few quick errands. 

Essie lines out all her babies on the couch...look for shrek in the mix too!
We decided to stop by a few yard sales on the way...

We found this adorable table and chairs set! Yes we are going to paint it but we only paid 10 bucks for the set so I was super excited and Essie has had a blast sitting at it during her snacktimes!!!

 She also found a shopping cart and has been pushing it/filling it up all day!!! (and dontcha just love those elmo houseshoes we found at target?!)

We also found 2 old heavy wooden table legs that I'm going to paint and use as candleholders and a light up Christmas tree for outside! I only paid 2.50 for those combined!

After our errands we came home and essie napped while I did laundry and cleaned.  Once she woke up I cleaned her room and mopped the entire house and this evening we have finished getting her clothes ready for consignment!   It feels so good to be caught up for once!!!

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