Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We've had a pretty much laid back Tuesday today...slept in a little bit...Essie took a nice nap and then we ran up to my school to drop off some things in my classroom.  I also had Travis move some of the heavier furniture for me so that when I do start working on my room again I don't have to lift heavy furniture!  We didn't stay long since little miss was into everything!!!

Then we ran a few errands to walmart, the bank, the post office, and to get sno-cones (Essie ate half of mine and screamed "MORE!" after each bite).  We found this cute doll highchair at walmart that the box was all busted up and was missing a bowl and spoon so they knocked the price down to 9 bucks for us! Essie loves to feed her baby in that and push it around the house like a walker!

Then we came home, stripped her down and put her swimsuit on and let her play in the backyard for awhile!

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