Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tomorrow is a BIG DAY!

One year ago today we recieved the news that Essie was ready to come out and that a medical induction was necessary due to the lack of fluid around her.  We were headin to the hospital...

We were shocked and scared and not quite ready...we thought we had a little while left.  We made phone calls...rallied the troops...loaded the Jeep with the bags that had been sitting by the door for over a month and headed off.  I cried.  I sobbed.  I shook.

We stopped in at McAlister's to grab some lunch before we went to the hospital.  We ran into several fellow teachers and friends and I was just too much of a wreck to eat inside.  So we drove to a nearby park and ate in complete silence as we processed what was about to happen.  I cried some more.

We arrived, checked in, had bloodwork taken, and got hooked up.  Everyone started arriving and within a few hours the doctor came in and administered the cervical gel.  Not even an hour later I was having strong contractions and they would continue to get worse throughout the night...and it was only a matter of hours until we would meet our little bundle of joy...

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