Tuesday, July 20, 2010

clingy in the classroom

Today while Travis went to get his haircut he dropped E.Claire and I off at my school so we could get a little bit done.  I will emphasize LITTLE BIT.  Essie is super dooper clingy these days...only wants to be held.  Will not play by herself...follows us around screaming MOMMy DADDy!.  She clings to our legs and pulls herself up.  Did any of your one year olds go through this phase? She has always been good to go to other people except lately...she just wants us.  And we cannot get anything done I swear! 

So today she and I worked a little bit...well...I worked and Essie undid pretty much anything I did!

She unloaded shelves

played with sight word cards

and refilled boxes! ha!

But she's soooo much fun right now that classroom can wait! I only have a few weeks left of summer break to spend with her and I want to soak it alllll up! :)

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