Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Love and One FUSSY baby!!!

I am in love with Essie playing with her "baaaaayyyybeeeees" right now.  She holds their hands and "teaches them to walk".  She also gives them a daily dose of "kisses" (licks) and hugs.  She rocks them and says "awwww baaaayyyybeee".  I love it!

This morning we went to the lapsit at the library's the last one of the summer!

And she's been running a fever off and on all week.  It's peaked at 102 but she's been sooooo fussy.  I mean she will not let us put her down...does not want to eat or sleep.  She pitches one heck of a fit all day long.  This is so unlike her so we broke down and took her to the dr today afraid she might have an ear infection. 

But she doesn't he says it's just major teething and a minor cold and to up her motrin dosage.  So hopefully we will have a happy baby again soon! Mommy and Daddy are exhausted! :)

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