Thursday, July 8, 2010

Essie's Birthday!!!

We had such a great day today!

Our first stop today was the local library for their lapsit read aloud.  It was packed! We sang songs and nursery rhymes.  We also read two books.  Essie was so well behaved! She just sat there still as a rock and danced along!  At the end of it they dumped out a big basket of toys and she was so excited! She even shared her toys and picked them up when it was over! I was such a proud momma!

Then after that we went to our fav lunch spot and Essie ate her weight in watermelon! Just look at that shirt...we had to run home and get it changed quickly!

While Essie napped I ran some last minute birthday party errands. After her nap we let her have a little birthday cupcake.  We sang to her (and teared up) and she blew out her candle.  Then she ate and ate that cupcake! And the funniest thing is everytime she saw the candle she made the funniest face!

And then she had to be hosed off in the sink which she thought was a blast!

Then she got to open one birthday present...her first play school kit.

Then it was time for another short  nap and when she woke up she had a special delivery from her Nana & Pa...a cupcake bouquet and balloons.

And as her birthday finale we took her to Chuck E. Cheese.  She had such a blast!

Overall I think she had an amazing first birthday...I can't wait for her party Saturday!

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