Monday, July 12, 2010

12 Month Checkup and watermelon

Today we took Essie to her 12 month checkup!
She weighed 20 pounds 12 ounces which places her in the 35 percentile.
She was right under 29 inches which is 60th percentile.

The doc said she looked really good and that we could start whole milk...which we have!
She also had to get two shots and her finger pricked so they could check her iron.  She did pretty good...cried really hard when they gave the shots but it didn't last long.

And I had to add this on here...yesterday we ate a great Cave City yellow watermelon out on the back porch.  Essie had a blast!

We've gotten our house back in order...the decorations came down the night after the party...and we are trying to recover!

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