Monday, July 26, 2010

a creative fail, dark skies, and one SASSY army!

So last night I got the itch to I dug out some fabric and the sewing machine and went to town making Essie a dress.  Now I've never made a dress before.  And I have no idea HOW to make a dress...I didn't have a pattern...just went with what I wanted to do!  And it was going swimmingly!!! I used some scraps from her bedding and had a vision of a ruffly trimmed dress with cute little straps...and when I was finished it was near midnight and I thought hmmmm....this doesn't look right!

So as soon as Essie woke up I was so excited to try it on Travis and I pulled and tugged it on her...tugged, pulled, tugged some more...and finally it was on....


This is what it looked like.....

uh, yeah.  Not good.  A BIG fail in was waaaaay to tight...the poor baby couldn't even sit down and the straps..oh the straps were all sorts of wrong.  We laughed until we cried...until it hurt! 

Then we peeeeeeeeled it off of her and I cut the straps off of it and sewed that darn thing into a pillow.  Oh least I tried! :)

We've been doing absolutely nothing today...just hanging around the house and running a few errands.  Here are a few pics of my girl was so dark outside but we never got much rain from it!

And our little princess loves to hide her pacifiers these days.  We will go days with only one "sassy" cuz that is all we can find.  So we set out on a mission to find those darn things today and keep them in one location.  We were able to locate a small army of sassies but not all of them yet! ha!

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