Wednesday, July 28, 2010

last year

I was looking at pictures on our computer today and decided to look back at the pics of EClaire at this time last year!

This time last year I was getting my classroom ready with this little one in tow.

We went to dinner for our very first time as a family of three.  We went to Chili's and Essie had a MAJOR diaper blowout!

And I remember so vividly how much fun we had each night when we got home and bathed her and laid in bed just looking at her.  I remember and miss those nights soooo much! That was always my favorite time of day....our routine of bathtime and bedtime.  Oh how I miss her being that small!  

And just look at my little baby year later.  She is sooo much fun right now and I still love our night-time routine! We do bathtime and play a little bit and usually read a handful of books over and over.  She like to read the same book over and over...she loves Sandra Boynton books right now and gives me the "more" sign when I'm done. I had inservice again today so Essie and daddy went to the read aloud at chick fila!  Don't ya just love this shirt? a lady does them here in jboro for 8 bucks if you bring in your own shirt! So this personalized one was only 11 bucks!

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