Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Soup!

First of all...looooooook at what was stuck to our backdoor last night!

UGH!!! We so need to burn that door now!

Then this morning we went to get Essie's 12 month pictures made...I posted them earlier today...we were really pleased at how they turned out.

After that we ran to walmart to do some heavy grocery shopping.  Essie was soooo worn out she slept for over 3 hours this afternoon.  Once she got up we ran to target to get some diapers and wipes...I had enough coupons that I got a pack of Pampers for FREE and a big thing of wipes for only 5 bucks!  Score!

This evening we all three cooked dinner together...well Essie pretty much clung to my legs screaming "mama! maaaaaaamaaaaa!" the whole time but I'll count that as helping.  We made a summer soup, quesadillas with avocado smash, and a fruit shortcake.  I will post the recipes on the recipe blog in a little bit too!

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