Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Sooo we had a VERY busy day today!  We started the day with a trick! Matthew and Sarah had snuck over last night and stuck this skull on the mailbox (to replace the red wolf).  And then when I went to get the mail later...I screamed when I opened it to find another one!

This morning we took some family pics...quite different from last year's pics actually!  Boy, oh boy our life has changed in one year!

Then this afternoon we headed to Petco for the annual Halloween Carnival hosted by a local animal rescue organization NAFA.  They have all sorts of fun things going on there...we've gone every year and Maggie is the reigning "shortest tail champion!".  This year Maggie and Tucker went as bananas and of course Maggie was a monkey!  We had a blast! Sarah and Matthew even brought Allie and Oscar.  Allie was a french maid and Oscar was a prisoner...sooo cute!  We ended up winning "2nd place Best Group Costume" and Maggie took home 1st in shortest tail again!

Afterwards we went to Andy's to get the dogs some ice cream.  They LOVED it!

Then after that we hung out at the house and got ready for trick or treaters. Sarah and Matthew brought Essie some great new toys and us a candy basket for Halloween! :) The boys watched football of course.  Then we took Essie to her first house (and only house) to trick or treat.  We ran by my principal, Lacy's house. 

Then Ashley, Chandler, and Adalyn came by to trick or treat!  They gave Essie the CUTEST dress and bib! Thanks yall! Adalyn looked soooo super cute and even gave Essie some kisses.  Getting a picture of the two of them is absolutely impossible though!

Essie also tried sweet potatoes for the first time.  We thought it would be fun to give her a special "treat"!  She LOVED it!

I think Essie had an AMAZING first Halloween!!

Halloween outfit #7 (the last one)

Okay so here is Essie Claire in her seventh and final outfit for the week! We went to breakfast at cracker barrell this morning and she looked soooo cute!  This afternoon we are going to the Petco Halloween Party and then Trick or Treating tonight!  I will post pics of her costume later tonight!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween outfit #6 and my lil' star

So this morning while I was in the shower my cell phone started buzzing like crazy!  I got out and had a ton of messages.  Apparently Essie had been on the 6 am news!  We ran into the living room and thank goodness our DVR had caught it!  woohoo!  I had submitted a picture of her in her costume the night before.  They had been showing a handful of small pictures of fall decor/costumes a few times during each big deal.  Well this morning they showed Essie full screen...and even made a comment about how cute she was!  We just beamed with pride!  So all day I had folks coming up to me telling me that they had seen her...even several of my students.  I do have a video of it...I'll try and upload it later...but for now this is a picture of her on the big screen!

And her in her sixth Halloween outfit!

Tonight her nana and pa came up to see her...they just couldn't resist!  We also carved some pumpkins!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween outfit # 5 & a fun filled evening!'s Essie's fifth Halloween outfit!  My little pumpkin!  LOVE that black flower...I finally found one!

And tonight we had a BLAST! Sarah and Matthew came over and we ordered pizza.  Then the boys played Wii while Sarah and I worked on painting some fall paintings!  We had found some inspiration online and thought we'd give it a try..I think they turned out soooooo cute! 

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