Saturday, August 21, 2010

a whole bunch of randomness!!!

I mentioned before that I was hired to cater/party plan my first shindig this weekend.  I've been working on the party off and on for a couple weeks now but the bulk of the cooking went on last night...let's just say my kitchen is a WRECK!  Here are a few pictures of last night cooking/essie munching on oreos/etc. 

And a few from the actual party today! It was so much fun to see it actually all come together! It doesn't hurt that the house in beautiful where party was hosted!!!  From what I hear the party was a hit and I've gotten two more gigs out of it!

My parents came down to help watch Essie so I could work so we went to Cracker Barrell for breakfast.  Essie found these babies there and walked through the whole store with them! 

We also found her Halloween costume there...I only want to show one picture since I don't want to spoil the fun for later!!!

And my picture was in the paper on Friday...I was reading a book to my kids about respecting others on the first day of school!!!

And this afternoon we went to Adalyn's 2nd birthday party! It was mod monkey theme and super cute!!! 

And just for fun here are a few pics of Adalyn's  1st birthday party LAST YEAR! Wow how these kids have changed in a year!

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Rachelle said...

Wow! Awesome job on the party!

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