Monday, August 9, 2010

Last day of summer break...

Last night when we got home from Batesville the first place Essie went to was her pink chair.  We turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she sat and watched the whole episode so we could get unloaded and laundry started!

And today was our last day of summer break....I go back to work tomorrow.  It's just heartbreaking.  I've had so much fun being with Essie and Travis all day every day that I'm going to have a very hard time with this transition! :( Essie will not officially start back to daycare until next week but I start back to trainings tomorrow morning. 

So this morning we went up to work on my classroom some more since I am still not finished. 

And then my parents came down to do some shopping and we went to lunch. We got  nice little rain shower and we let Essie play in the mud puddles! and it was sooo dang humid the camera lens kept fogging up!

Then after they left we went back up to my classroom to work some more! Essie did a great job of making a mess of things!

And while we were there poor little Essie smashed her finger in the stepladder!  But it wasn't anything a cup filled with ice cubes couldn't fix!

We closed the day by making a run to Target to get a few things....and of course Essie had to run around like a mad woman. 

One of the things we picked up was a POTTY CHAIR! We know it's too early but we are wanting to start exposing her to it in hopes that she will be trained early!

 Lately she has been hating bathtime! Like screaming everytime I put her in there!!! So we picked up htis little basketball game and she loved it!

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