Sunday, August 1, 2010


Well I just realized it's already August! Oh my! That means summer is quickly coming to a close and I'll soon be back to work and not spending time with my little diva! Saturday Essie and I had another full day of just the two of us since Travis was still out of town.  She had a rough night of sleeping (as did I then) and didn't got to sleep until after midnight Friday night.  So she did sleep until 9 am on Saturday.  We hung around in pajamas for awhile and ran a few errands which thankfully she fell asleep and napped for another 30-45 minutes once we got home! (BTW I have TOTAL respect for single moms/dads now....I don't know how you do it!)

 The rest of the day was spent catching up to her and chasing her down! She loves to play with my bracelets right now...she gets them out of a pocket thing in my closet and totes them around the house.  I've found them the cabinets...and even in the toilet. 

Another thing she loves to do is get her forehead thermometer and take the dogs temperatures, her doll's temps, and everything in the house's temps! I had to take it away once she started wanting to chew on it!

She even climbed into the shower and had a good ole time when I started it and walked into the next room while it warmed up. 

Late Saturday night Travis came home! Essie and I were excited to see him for sure!  His parents and sister also came over and brought lots of goodies for E.C.  Just look at this sweet dress his mom made! Those watermelon seeds are buttons! How sweet! She is going to wear this to the Cave City Watermelon festival in a few weeks! And I think I'll leave the sewing projects up to her from now on!

His family left early this morning so we decided to take Essie to the mall to play in the playarea at the mall since it wouldn't be as busy early in the morning.  And it's sooooo dang hot it's impossible to go outside.  She was so excited...just look at this face!

She played and screamed the whole time!

We also went to old navy to check out there 50% off of clearance sale.  We did find several things for this fall and next summer for next to nothing!  She loves old navy..especially the mannequins.  She wants this one to pick her up....

I laughed when I got home because my absolute favorite clothing item for her right now is tutu skirts.  We bought one on clearance awhile back and she's worn the fire out of it all summer! So here lately we've picked up several at clearance events for 2-4 dollars.  I didn't realize I had such a collection! ha!  My favorite is the orange one (from gap) because she can wear it to our hometown's football games and for halloween! 

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