Monday, August 16, 2010

It's gonna be a WEEK...that's for sure!

Okay yall...let's just say this is going to be one helluva week! First of all...this is our first week back to school...I have meetings tomorrow and then open house tomorrow night.  Thankfully I have Wednesday off before school actually starts on Thursday! As you can imagine the first few days are BRUTAL!!! I mean exhausting!  That also means Essie is going to start back at Mrs. Deenas on Thursday.  So that means that I am going to be very busy getting things ready for school to start and for Essie to start back to daycare. 

AND on top of that...I am catering my first party for someone! This was an opportunity that came my way so I jumped at it.  I LOVE party planning and cooking so this is right up my alley! I am planning/catering an 80th birthday party for 40ish people! My principal (Lacy) hired me for the job and I'm super pumped about it! I have all the paper goods made and am going to go grocery shopping for it on Wednesday! I will post pics of the final result this weekend...I hope it turns out well...the colors are mainly chocolate brown, orange, and light blue.

AND on top of that...We have TWO birthday parties this weekend.  One for our friend Adalyn on Saturday (right after I set up the catering event) and the other for Sam in Batesville on Sunday!   So we are going to be run ragged after this week and will look forward to quiet week next week for sure!

So since I've been in meetings all day Essie and Trav have spent lots of time together.  She gets bored with toys easily so we drug out her ball pit again and this time she was not terrified! But she wanted to throw the balls around the room which kinda drove me nuts!

She is such a hoot these days! This evening she shook her finger at Maggie and went "No, No Maggie" when Maggie was getting in her toys! 

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