Friday, August 6, 2010

I had a BAD DAY!!!

I started off the day in a very bad mood...I didn't feel very good and I was super exhausted.  Travis got out and mowed the yard so he could take advantage of our "cool" day while Essie and I got around.  After he was finished we ran several errands and came home so he could pack up to head back to Batesville to work on his parents house some more.  This didn't help my mood either...I was really looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home since it is my last weekend before school starts back.  But I sucked it up and he headed on his way.

 I was determined to take a nap to brighten my mood.  So I fought Essie for awhile trying to get her asleep and finally resorted to just laying her in her crib to let her cry/fuss it out.  She typically does okay wiht this and will go to sleep on her own.  She fussed a little bit and then she got quiet so I assumed she had fallen asleep.  Then I heard a loud THUD followed by hysterical crying.  I jumped up and ran into her room to find her lying on the floor.  She had tried to climb out of her crib and had fallen to the floor.  She was screaming hysterically.  I really didn't know how to react.  I kneeled next to her and made sure she wasn't bleeding or in dire danger. I then picked her up and set her up on the changing table so I could calm her down and really look over her.  She was hysterically crying so I was just certain she had broken something.  I started carefully peeling her shirt off her to look her over when she started throwing up everywhere which caused me to panic.  Throwing up means head injury! So I grabbed my cell, dialed Travis and screamed in the phone for him to turn around immediately and come home.  I then dialed our Pediatrician to see what to do.  The receptionist said to take her to the E.R since she was vomiting.  By this time she was calming down and I was able to clean her and myself up some and start throwing stuff in the diaper bag for her to have at the ER.  Finally Travis arrived home to find Essie acting just fine (dancing in fact).  So we called the pediatrican again and he told us several things to watch out for so we decided she had probably just vomited from being upset and that we would watch her. 

She continued to act fine after a few hours so we decided to run to Dillards because they were having a kids model search where kids dress in Dillards gear and pose for pics and one winner will be selected from each store to recieve a video camera.  We selected the outfit we wanted...a cute navy/pink outfit and waited over an hour to have her picture taken only to be told the camera was messed up and that we'd have to come back tomorrow.  Ugh.

So we went back home for awhile to let Essie enjoy the cooler evening by playing outside.  She had a blast and loved pushing her bear around and running around the yard.

To close the evening we went to eat Mexican and Essie cracked us up by "eating' cheese dip and salsa by dipping a straw in them and sucking it out! That girl!

When she got squirmy Travis let her sit next to him and she thought she was hot stuff!  She ate almost an entire cheese quesadilla in fact!

I am glad this bad day is coming to a close...she is sleeping soundly in her crib (with bumpers removed), and I am about to head to bed myself.  Hoping tomorrow is better...
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