Thursday, August 26, 2010

some FIRSTS!!!

Well Travis got his first phone call to sub today!!! He got to sub in a first grade classroom so he was on my hallway with me! So exciting..I was so nervous for him I checked in on him like 100 times today!  It was kinda fun working together and eating lunch together today! He said it wasn't too bad!!

And right after work we took Essie to get her first Haircut! Her hair had gotten soooo outta control we had to do something!  She was so very good...she sat completely still for the most part!

She looks like such a big girl now! She no longer has bangs to her chin...and the back got just a little trim as well!!

And while she was outside modeling her new 'do she fell and scraped both her knees up so she has her first booboo that needed a bandaid!  She kept pointing to her bandaid and saying "oh". 

We all three have a head cold so we are going to take it easy and relax for the rest of the night!

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