Wednesday, February 9, 2011

19 months

Essie you are 19 months *yesterday*.  You are so busy and all over the place right now.
  • You have started going to Kindermusik and you LOVE  it.  You are obssessed with one song in particular..."walk along rover".  You make us play it over and over and over and over in the car. You demand "more" when it goes over. You even do all the motions of the song.
  • You have started singing lots of songs. You don't know all the words but you try.
  • You love to dress up in mommy's bracelets and your high heel shoes.
  • Your favorite thing to eat right now is squeezable applesauce.  You can suck those puppies down in no time.
  • Your favorite place to be is on our coffee sit there and lay there all day!
  • You are a coloring ask to color all day long and have filled 4 coloring books with your precious scribbles.
  • You also love to stack blocks and work really hard to get them just right.
  • And your newest activity is having mommy put down blankets in your floor so you can lay all your babies out on them.  I love how you organize and lay one baby in each quilt square.  Cracks me up!

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