Sunday, February 27, 2011


We thought it was time for Essie to get herself a new BIG GIRL bed...she was taking up every single inch of her toddler bed and not sleeping well in it.  We found the most gorgeous antique, princess-esque daybed at a furniture store before Christmas.  I called this week to try and talk the guy into taking less for it (it was way over our budget) but unfortunately he wouldn't.  So yesterday while in Memphis we did a lil browsing and came across this one.  Not completely what we wanted but cost a fifth of what the fancy one did.  I'm hoping that we can paint it some funky bright color or jazz it up somehow.  So today we fixed it all up and rearranged her room...I think it looks pretty good.  Essie looooooves her bed and has already lines up all her babies and stuffed critters on it!

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