Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thursday, Friday, Saturday...

So I've not posted in the last few days...we've been really busy so here's a short review of the last few days in our life!
Thursday night was a fundraiser night for my school at Zaxby's.  I always love going to those and seeing the kiddos in a new blows their minds! 

Here is Essie and her aunt "Ra-Ra"

and daddy who would not let her have a sip of his drink. :(

Friday we loaded up and headed to Batesville....

And this morning we let Essie have her first biter biscuit.  She LOVED LOVED LOVED it and made such and awful mess! 

She wouldn't even let Maggie have a bite no matter how much she begged...

After breakfast it was time for a nap on nana and pa's bed!


Rebecca said...

Just to let you know those biter biscuits are always so messy. We found something called Baby Mum Mums at Wal-mart that are sorta like the biscuits. They are basically rice biscuits. Caed loves them and they are MUCH less messy.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear, Rebecca's mom and I were missing Essie and afraid someone was ill.

Love Essie in the little yellow and white hoodie, Precious !!!!

luv,aunt rosie

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