Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rockin' girl...

This is a video of Essie Claire starting to rock back and forth...we tempted her with a sassy on top of the laptop...her two favorite things right now! Excuse my hysterical laughter...this was the first time to see her do this...it CRACKED ME UP! She wanted to crawl sooo badly!


Anonymous said...

This is just toooooo precious!!!!!!! She is so cute and it will not be long until she will be crawling EVERYWHERE....What a sweetie.

luv,aunt rosie

Ashley said...

Oh girl...it is all about to change. It is such a fun stage though. We are in the stage where Adalyn won't eat her dinner in her high chair but will pluck it out of the trash can 20 minutes later and think it is the best thing ever, at least that is what she did last night! :-( YUCK!!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh the cheating parent--how funny----We seen that laptop move---one day she will do it all by her self and it will be soon anough---

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