Sunday, January 24, 2010

I eat my words...

When I found out that we were having a girl I said that we would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER, EVER  put her in a pageant.  I think it's just awful to put your child out to be judge.  All I can imgaine is those terrible parents off of TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras show.

Well earlier this week I came across a flier for "Cupid's Cuties".  It caught my eye so I picked it up to examine closer.  And it said "Circle of Friends" at the top.  Ive mentioned earlier that I am in an organization called Circle of Friends here in Jboro...we raise money for Arkansas Children's Hospital.  The Paragould chapter was putting on a valentines day pageant to raise money for ACH.  I continued to read and saw that is said "SUNDAY's BEST ATTIRE OR VALENTINE'S OUTFITS ONLY". So at that point I thought...this might be fun! It's not really a "pageant" more like a charitable benefit, right?  And beside Essie had just gotten the cutest valentines day outfit and it would be perfect.

So...I  ate my words and I signed her up and the grandparents made plans to attend.

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot my heart was the PAGEANT PEOPLE!  You know the ones....the ones carrying suitcases of gear and rolling toolboxes of makeup.  Oh I hadn't signed up for this!

Once we got inside it only go worse...there were mothers putting mascara (YES MASCARA!!!) on infants.  Mothers putting blush and hairpieces (YES, HAIRPIECES) on little ones.  There were threats of not taking the kids to CHUCK E. Cheese, little girls throwing fits with mascara running down their faces, and again mothers painting their children's faces and teasing their hair beyond imagine.  Some had curlers in.  Some brought curling irons and blowdriers. 

And the outfits...OH THE OUTFITS!!!!  They were not "sunday's best" at all.  It was was was tragic.

I was embarrassed to be there....I felt sorry for the little girls who's moms were out of their minds...and I wanted to grab my little "natural beauty" and run home.  I was utterly disappointed...I had naively pictured a room filled with doting mothers who's little girls were dressed as normal little girls should.  I had not planned for was like a scene straight out of TODDLERS AND TIARAS!  I kept looking for the camera crew.  And even though I wanted to leave I thought...NOPE! I'm going to walk my little "natural beauty" up on that stage proudly! After is for ACH, right? 

So we did...we did the stage walk...the announcer butchered her name...called her Elsie three times...and we waited for the results.  I was NOT expecting to win...after all we were the non-pageant people and  I COULDN'T CARE LESS IF WE WON AT THIS POINT!  And the first category was "best personality" know the one that really MEANS the least to me....and it went to contestant #4..Essie Claire House!  I was reluctantly walked her back onto the stage....accepted her little trophy and had to wait up there until the others were called.  They handed out the "best dressed" award and the "people's choice".  And then it was time for "prettiest eyes"...again it went to Essie!  At this point I was almost beside myself in the irony of it all!  Then came the "beauty ones"...and again...Essie took 2nd alternate!  I was shocked and hysterically laughing all at the same time.  My lil one had beaten the pageant moms at their own game....I found it simply funny!

After that we go eat at Brickhouse pizza...and celebrate (haha)....and share the outgrageous pageant mom stories we had all experienced!  Here is a pic of Essie's entourage that came to support her...both sets of grandparents and Sarah & Matthew! 

So needless to say...that was Essie's first and LAST pageant experience.....but on the bright side...I bet that Arkansas Children's Hospital gained alot  from it all! And we all came home with funny stores and 3 trophies and a sash to add to Maggie & Tucker's trophy collection! hahahaha!


Allison said...

I love T&T, but I can't imagine those parents! They are soooo crazy!!

Her V-Day outfit is absolutely adorable! Congrats!

Rebecca said...

That is so hilarious.I have only watched T&T like one time but the time I did it was at a pageant in Paragould. I couldn't believe it.

Cunningham's Chaos said...

Congrats Essie!

Anonymous said...

2nd place--cool----cute outfit too

Jane B said...

That is a great story! Way to be yourself and take home the trophies! I agree with the personality and prettiest eyes! Go Essie!

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