Friday, January 8, 2010


Six Months! Six....MONTHS!  For some reason this is such a big one for me.  You are half way to one year old and are becoming such a big girl.  I no longer see you as a baby....I've even heard myself say to you "when you were little..".  Which is ARE still little but you have just made so many HUGE changes this past month.  It blows my mind.  And I can honestly say that 6 months is quickly becoming my favorite age so far! Here are a few things about you at this point...
  • You weigh 16 pounds 4 ounces....
  • You wear size 6-9 or 6-12 months sized clothes...size 2 shoes....and size 2 diapers. 
  • Your hair is getting so thick that I can put bows in your hair without headbands.
  • You stopped being swaddled...this was a major thing for you.
  • You started sleeping in your own bedroom...and you've done so much better.  You are usually asleep by 8:00 and sleep until 5 or 6.  You love to roll around and move in that big bed.
  • You are a professional sitter and roller these are so strong.  You are starting to get up on hands and knees but no movement yet.
  • You are a talker....every morning you ramble on and on and on. Right now your favorite words are "babababab" and "dadadadaada". 
  • You think the dogs are the funniest things in the whole world.  All they have to do is walk past or look at you and you fall to pieces! 
  • You love to sit in your high chair and eat....the only food we've given you that you didn't like was spring veggies and I don't blame ya...ugh.
  • You love to play toys and get bored very easily.  You love to sit in the floor with all your toys around you.  You also still love to jump and go crazy in that thing.
  • You are finally becoming very lay your head on our shoulders or lean over on us....this is my favorite thing you do right now!


Anonymous said...

Not sure which I love more Essie's adorable precious photos or your love that comes thru on your comments. Y'all and Essie are so very blessed to have one another. I am so thankful for all the healthy babies and loving parents. Wasn't in God's plan for us.

Have a Happy 6 month Birthday, Essie

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to add my name to that comment.

Luv 'aunt rosie'

Rebekah said...

Cute as button! I know you are one proud momma!

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