Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow day #2

So we got several more inches last night (I think our total is between 7-9 inches).  However there are some areas where it's more...

like our snowdrift beside the's now a foot! 

And then Travis found another big pile next to his truck and it was up to his thighs...we didnt' even measure it.

Our driveway is now part ice-skating rink and part bunny hill.

We've spent the day putting away Essie's clothes...(we had to change her bed TWICE last night), watching movies, eating popcorn, and cooking.  I got the urge to cook up some meals for the week (since we are stuck here after all).  I made chili, taco meat, bacon for blt's, and browned up sausage for breakfast casserole! 

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