Friday, January 29, 2010

The rest of our snow day...

So it's continued to snow hard all day and this afternoon around 5 we had 5 inches.  At two we had 2 inches & at 5 we had 5 inches....funny how that turned out?!  Essie did finally take a short little nap this afternoon so Trav and I went out to look at the snow some more.  When I raised the garage door I saw a HUGE snowdrift...

I measured it and it was 9 inches!

We were wondering where our street went???

And our backyard...our back porch was gone!

And our front porch....gone!

Once EC woke up we fed her and she got to try some Ritz crackers....she loved them!

And she is getting so much better about drinking out of a sippy cup.  She's such a big girl!

Then Trav brought in a handful of clean snow for her to play with.  She wasn't so sure about it...she made some pretty funny faces. 

And then she stayed in her highchair playing with her sippy cup and some bowls and spoons while I made dinner, did dishes, and cleaned the kitchen!  Such a good girl.

We've had to give her 3 baths today since she has thrown up several times.  She coughs and gets choked and then gags and it all comes up.  She's done it twice and it was awful! Hoping her meds help and she gets to feeling better soon!

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