Saturday, December 4, 2010

tis the season to be busy...

Whew it's the busy season...oh how I long for days and nights filled with nothing but sitting in the living room with my family gazing at the tree! This weekend our goal is to get completely caught up on  all our vinyling...our dining room has been turned into a mock santa's workshop and I'm tired of looking at it all!  Then beginning next week I have orders upon orders for Christmas cookies.  Now I am very thankful for these orders...they help us make ends meet right now! But I'm not going to lie...I am reallllly looking forward to January...when things slow down.  Essie is sick...her sinus infection has turned into croup and now she's on steroids...which means a WILD baby girl.  I do think she is getting better though! Here are a few pics from the last few days...just random stuff.

And I've totallly forgotten to update on Travis' unemployment/my biggest loser challenge lately.  And honestly there isn't much to report either way.  I have pretty much stayed the same weight for the last couple weeks...I've lost 15 pounds total so far.  That's FAR LESS than my goal but I've just not had the time/drive/motivation to be 100% dedicated.  I've continued to eat healthy for the most part...I just haven't had time to get in the exercise I need/want to.  It's too cold to walk and dark by the time we get home.  I'm really disappointed in how I've done so far but I am truly hopeful after Christmas once things slow down I will get back on track!

Travis has continued to apply for jobs pretty much weekly and still...nothing.  He heard a no from the job in West Memphis (the one we realllllly wanted) and that was pretty much a devastating blow. He is subbing most days of the week at my school but only has a handful of weeks of unemployment left.  We have no idea what we are going to do at that point.  If his unemployment does not get extended we will have no choice but to put our house up for sale as well as make other drastic measures.  We sold our Garth Brooks tickets/hotel reservations as well...we just can't justify a weekend away when we are in the situation we are in.  We are making things/baking/etc on the side to help make ends meet and we are doing fine right now.  I just worry about what's going to happen in January...but all I can do is pray, pray, pray that a door opens for him! I'm trying to convince him to get his non-traditional teachers license and he's considering going back to school for his Masters degree...which would offer more opportunities for him eventually.  So we are literally at a fork in the road and are not sure which way we are headed...we shall see...

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