Friday, December 10, 2010

17 Months & a gingerbread house

Essie you are 17 Months old now!

  • You are  a social being but are also beginning to show stranger anxiety too. You say "hi" to everyone we pass in Walmart, the mall, etc.

  • You are still obsessed with Elmo but are beginning to like Abby Cadabby too and Oscar. You also like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (which you call "oh toodles").
  • You love to watch videos of yourself on the computer everyday.  You crawl up in my lap and point to the computer and say ""  You don't like to watch videos of when you were a baby.  You get jealous seeing yourself as a baby with us!
  • You are a pro at throwing tantrums and we are trying to figure out the best dicipline method for you.
  • You can point out "hoho" everywhere we go.
  • You call the Christmas tree a "pretty, pretty".
  • You are just too dang funny!
Tonight we decorated our first family Gingerbread ate more candy than you put on!!!

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