Saturday, December 18, 2010


I have been mia from the blog lately..mainly because we have been so busy getting everything done this week...the cookies, the vinyling, the shopping, etc.  And it's DONE!!! We are so relieved now.  So here's a small recap of our life the last week.

The other afternoon I heard Essie cackling like a crazy woman.  And this is what I found.

We also let her open a present early...she's been wanting a pillow pet for soooo long.  She squeals when she sees the commercials.  She runs straight to them at the store.  So we let her open hers early so she could take it traveling.

My parents left this gift at our house for her as well and we let her open it as well...She loves to torment the dogs with it.

Here are a few more pics of the goodies we've been working on...

And a few of my classroom Christmas party...which was a BLAST!!!

Soo...we are officially beginning OUR Christmas family time together...we are going to be beginning our annual tour of Arkansas during the next two weeks.  I'm sure we will be very, very, very thankful for the portable DVD player and our massive collection of ELMO dvds to keep miss priss satisfied in the car. 
Oh and to school's 'biggest loser" competition ended yesterday.  I was the pounds winner but a lady I work with won the percentage of weight loss! I was happy for us both! And Travis may have a job opportunity coming his way...please pray hard for this.  It could be the answer to our year's worht of praying!

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