Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Family Christmas 2010

Last night Essie and I "baked" some cookies to leave out for Santa...yes they are break and bake...I was tired!!! She didn't mind, though she was just so happy to be able to help!

 After Es was in bed Travis went to work putting together the cozy coupe we had ordered for her.  It was a PAIN to put together!!!

 Essie slept until 9:15 am!!! YES...NINE FIFTEEN! I was wide awake trying to be patient for her to wake up for a long time! She slept like 14 hours last night! She was a happy girl this morning!
 We set the video camera to capture her reaction to her car and gifts.  It was precious! I cannot even describe how much her big excited grin melted me to pure butter!

 She's been wanting one of these for a long time!
 Opening her stocking which was 100% Elmo.  It had Elmo cups, personalized cd, book, and boo boo buddy!
 She opened all her gifts on her own...

 and said "WOW" "OHHH BABY", etc.
 I could've watched her open these all day.  Her excitement was so contagious!

 Look at that sweet face!

 Me and my baby girl!
 After gifts we got dressed and went to eat lunch at O'Charleys...Essie does NOT usually do well eating out but she was soooo well behaved.  She played stickers and colored the whole time without one single fit.  It was like her gift to us!!!

This evening we are going to stay home, heat up some chili, and watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation! Sounds like an amazing time to me!!!

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Jennifer said...

What a cozy Christmas!

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