Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Rock

Yesterday Travis had an interview in Little Rock.  We are still praying HARD that he gets the job at the City of Jonesboro but we won't know about it for a few more weeks.  So meanwhile he still has to go on and interview/apply else where just in case.  He said the interview went well and it would be a great's just in Little Rock and he would much rather be here at the city!!! Please join us in praying that he gets the job at the would literally be an answer to a year's worth of prayers!

Anyway, Essie and I went with him and decided to just make a whole day out of it.  We went to lunch at Tropical Smoothie...Essie slept the whole way home and was soooooo happy and good!

Then we went over to The Wonder Place and that's where Essie and I stayed while Travis interviewed.  She had sooooooooo much fun!

Her favorite part of the playplace was the sand table...she loooooved it! After we went to the playplace we did a little shopping and ate dinner with Aunt Tanya.  On the way home Essie decided she wanted a bottle (we are trying to break her of the nighttime bottle) and started screaming.  She screamed, heaved, gagged for over 30 minutes straight.  I was never so happy to get home before EVER!!!! It was awful, awful, awful! I'm not sure HOW we are going to get rid of that stinkin bottle at nighttime!!!

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Annie said...

Wish your husband gets the job.

Great pictures of Essie.

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