Friday, December 31, 2010

lookin back on 2010...

Whew. That's all I can say about this past year...Yes it was a good year, I spent it with the two people I love most.  We were blessed in many, many ways this year.  BUT it was also a difficult, stressful, hard year for us...

January-SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!!! We saw more snow in the month of January than I can remember for a long time! We spent alot of time snuggled up indoors.  Essie also had her first AND LAST pageant experience!!!!

February-In February we celebrated my 29th birthday, Valentine's Day and on Feb. 19th our life took a complete unexpected turn when Travis was laid off.  On the bright side we had an official crawler on our hands!

March-Spring came, and we spent ALOT of time outdoors at the park and walking around the neighborhood.

April-Essie's first Easter...oh she still melts me to pure butter in that Easter outfit!!! (sigh)

May-School was winding down and we watched my best friend Julie graduate from Lyon College!

June-oh the month of June!!! We got to spend the entire summer together since Travis was still off work.  We started working on his parents' old house in Batesville for extra money.

July-Essie turned ONE and I had a blast planning her party! She also started walking

August-School started back and I got my first catering gig.

September- football, football, footballlllll!!!!

October-Oh my lil bumblebee, Travis turned 28, and we started doing vinyl work for people making Halloween buckets...we ended up making 78 in total!

November-I received the news that I had been chosen for the "Rockin Apple" award! I was so pumped! Essie was also officially diagnosed with "Duane's Syndrome" at ACH!

December- BUSY month of baking, vinyling, and getting ready for Christmas!

I LOVE looking back at the blog for the past year and I cannot help but bawl my eyes out when I see how tiny Essie was back then!!! I hope and pray that 2011 holds GOOD, POSITIVE changes for our family!!!

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