Monday, December 13, 2010

cookies, cookies, and cookies (did I mention cookies?)

So I never thought I'd say that I am SICK of cookies! Our lives have been overtaken by cookies this weekend.  I had a ton of orders for Christmas cookies for this coming week (in addition to 2 batches of coffee punch, one Christmas cake, and 18 cupcakes).  We started in baking Saturday...baked 8 batches of cookies...8 batches of icing...used up 16 sticks of butter.  110 cookies in all...mostly the LARGE 4 inch cookies.  We didn't got to bed last night (this morning) until 3:30 am...but then Essie woke up and kept us up until 5am so we got VERY little sleep! Whew!

The puppies are waiting to be decorated...

And some of them decorated...

And this is what Essie did while we were baking...those are stickers and flashcards everywhere!!!

1 comment:

Annie said...

Hang in there. All the cookies looks really good.

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