Sunday, September 12, 2010

spaghetti sunday

This morning we went to visit a new church and had  a great time.  We went to the First United Methodist Church here and really enjoyed it.  We went to the super early service at 8 am because it's the family service.  Essie loved the music and clapped and danced but we took her to the nursery once she started wanting to run up and down the aisles and talk to people.  She looked so adorable in her golden yellow smocked froggie dress! Unfortunately by the time we got home she was in the worst meltdown she's ever had so we didn't get any pictures. :(

She has been super fussy all day so I'm wondering if she's teething or maybe having ear issues.  If she's still fussy tomorrow we may have to take a trip to the doctor! It's been a rough, rough, rough day. 

So this evening I made her favorite supper of spaghetti and she was very happy for a short bit!

And Essie's favorite thing to do during dinner is throw her food across the room.  Not on the, she flings it across the room.  We have found sauce on the walls, blinds, counters, etc.  So we are working hard on teaching her NOT to do this! Here is a video of her pretending like she is going to throw her food...such a STINKER!

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Jennifer said...

Oh my what a doll! And I agree, she loves her some spaghetti.

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