Friday, September 10, 2010

Garage Sale Finds!

Last night we drove all the way across town...and I mean all the way across town to go to a  stranger's house to shop for clothes for Essie! I was told about this lady who was going to have a big garage sale this Saturday and had all her lil girl's clothes laid out for people to go through early.  She literally had entire rooms of clothes sizes: kitchen was all newborn-6 months, breakfast nook was 12 months, living room was 18 months,etc.  Her entire dining room was nothing but shoes.  Her little girl is 3 now so she had all sized up to 3 and she was also born in july so it was "Essie's season"! We had a blast going through everything and looking for cutesie stuff! Everything in there was boutique and in great condition.  Here are a few things we came home with:

Seriously...have you EVER seen cuter overalls?? I mean wowzers!

And this outfit was precious...yes that is a "C" on it but I'm going to see if I can get it turned into and "E" or taken off all together.

I'm obsessed with smocked and HAd to have this dress!!!

A few sweater dresses for Winter!

and a few swimsuits for next summer!

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