Monday, September 6, 2010


I've been absent from the blog for a few days...we've been out of town! So here's what's happened since I last updated on Thursday!

Friday...Travis subbed at school again and we had our big Fox Meadow Kickoff!!! This year our theme is "Respect the World Over" and each classroom has been assigned countries.  So we had all the classrooms (countries) come together for a WORLD CUP!!! It was so neat! All the kids were waving their country's flags and chanting! I loved it.  We had the high school soccer teams (boys and girls) come and scrimmage for us and then we allowed a boy and girl from classroom to play with the big kids.  I wish I could show pics of my sweet kiddos dressed up but I better not for privacy reasons! But then the principal called out several teachers to play..oh lord yes! And guess who was called???? here's some pictures of my very first time playing soccer...we made one goal (by accident) but had a blast!

After work Friday we headed to Batesville so Travis could work on his parents' house some more. 

Saturday morning we got up and Papa made chocolate gravy and this little girl is a true southern girl at heart because she LOVED it! 

Then me, Essie, mom, dad, my aunt Tammy, and Haley loaded up in the Jeep to head to Little Rock and Conway.  We had a few places to shop and went to visit my Papaw in Conway.  It was only his second time seeing Essie! Here's a pic of Essie and Haley in the third row seat. 

And I was VERY thankful for this new dvd and the new dvd player that my parents bought us since it kept Essie very happy and quiet.  This dvd is the BEST thing ever....I found it online at walmart and it was only 5 bucks with free shipping! It's the only thing she will watch and she doesn't move a muscle the whole time!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day and Essie got to play outside some.

We are home now with laundry and grocery shopping to do before our week begins again tomorrow!!! :)

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