Saturday, September 18, 2010

forcing fall

We've had a very "fall" day today! Even though it's 90 degrees outside we are continuing on with our fall activities! We watched TWO football games...we made a big pot of chili for supper along with some pumpkin baked apples, drug out the Halloween decorations, etc.  I just had to share these cute pics of E.C. with her TWO babies today.  She totes those babies around all the time!

Essie helped me make some pumpkin baked apples...a friend put this recipe on facebook and I just HAD to try it was really good and super easy! (I will post the recipe on the recipe blog). 

She helped me scrape the pulp and seeds (even though she tried to eat several seeds). I gave her some apple slices to munch on while she helped and that kept the seeds out of her mouth!!!

She didn't have much of a nap today so this is what we saw ALOT of this evening!!!

And once she was down I convinced Travis to drag the Halloween stuff out of the attic during halftime of the ASU game so I could start decorating some!!! Here are a few sneaky peeks!

It's been a great day at home...I feel like I got alot accomplished (laundry done, dishes done twice, and the kitchen cleaned twice!) AND BOTH of our arkansas football teams won today! Wooohooo!

And just for fun a video of Essie doing the "happy and you know it' dance in the laundry basket and she called the hogs and did the redwolf howl.  She's gotten to where she associates the calls with the mascots! Every time she sees a RedWolf she howls and everytime she sees a razorback she raises those hands and goes "Wooooo"!

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soliluna said...

Love your background and header. Happy Fall! How do I find your recipe blog? Is it on the blog list to the right? Thanks the pumpkin baked apples looked fun to try!

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