Wednesday, September 15, 2010

piggie tails

Travis and Essie stayed home today and this is how she fell asleep this morning after breakfast...

he said she just crawled up there and fell asleep like that!

We took our kiddos on a field trip to see a local play this morning and while I was there I started getting a really bad headache and before it was over it was a full blown migraine.  The busride back to the school was miserable! I could barely hold my head up or keep my eyes open it hurt so bad! So I called Travis to come get me and I got a sub.  So I came home and slept for about an hour and it went away thankfully!

I put Essie's hair in real pig tails this afternoon....not the ones on top of her hair...nope the ones on the back of her head! I cried (literally) because she looked so cute and so grown up!

She HAS to watch her "mo-mo" movie at least once a day. She points to the tv and says momo.  She will sit and watch that thing over and over again .  This was her today in her chair with her THREE babies, sippie of milk, and purple sassy!!!

We've been making lots and lots and lots of Halloween buckets! We feel so blessed to have so many orders! These are so fun to make and I love getting to be creative!

I am going to be giving away one customized halloween bucket in the next few days so keep checking back!!!

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