Saturday, September 11, 2010

soppy saturday!

This morning we sprang out of bed and headed out to trek across town to a huge neighborhood yard sale.  One of the big neighborhoods here has a gigantic yard sale twice a year and we've never been before but decided to try it out this year. On our side of town it was cloudy but pretty nice...a great day to yard sale!!!

However once we got across town to the north side it was POURING rain and continued to POUR.  The neighborhood was packed but most people didn't have their stuff out due to the rain.  We did fight the rain for a a few houses and came out with several good finds! Here's our loot:

Yes...lots of Elmo! Everytime Essie saw Elmos she went nuts! We got an Elmo Chicken, an elmo pull toy, an Elmo halloween bucket, an Elmo art smock, 2 books, a baby doll, and two awesome old metal school desks.

I saw these desks and I HAD to have one! I always wanted one as a kid and these were fixed up so cute with the red paint and leopard seat cushions! I bought them both...they were only 5 bucks a piece! Essie loved them sooo much! We are going to re-do them eventually (they need a little TLC) and give one to my niece Haley!

And she had such fun playing with her new doll that just so happened to match her old doll.  I'm pretty sure she's destined to be the mother of twins when she's older! (and yes...she appears to be "nursing" these babies...I have NO idea where she's seen that...not in this house!)

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Natalie K said...

Ooh, my daughter has an obsession with Elmo now too...she LOVES the Chicken Elmo! My cousin gave it to her and that's where it all started! ;)
Love the pics of her with her cracks me up how she has her paci in her mouth and sitting in her chair like that! She is beyond adorable!
- Natalie and Izzy

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