Friday, February 19, 2010


Well, damn.

My husband lost his job today.

I've never really talked much about his job before so here goes...he's a civil engineer here in town at a small engineering firm. He's worked there since college (for a total of 6 years). He at first was an intern and when he graduated with his degree became "chief of engineering" or something like that. He left for a brief period to pursue a job with the city but was wooed back to the company not long after so he returned. He's stuck with the company as they suffered from a slow economy...we've lived with a reduced paychecks for a full year due to paycuts. He's pushed through and hung on...and four o'clock his boss simply said he was "making a business decision" and had no other choice but to let him go. No warning. No severance package. No respect.

And let me just husband is a damn good worker...he's honest and loyal...and so good at what he does. And I HATE that he was treated in such a way. To just be disposed of. Makes me physically ill.

So...we are as you can imagine...upset and shocked and paralyzed. We have no game plan. Travis was the major breadwinner for us (you can imagine with my hefty teacher paychecks!). He will draw unemployment while he searches for a new job (please pray he finds one soon). I am looking into taking on extra tutoring jobs afterschool.

I have broken into sobs several times this evening...I don't deal with change well. And I mainly get upset when I think about HOW my hubs was treated today. And when I think that he may have to take a job elsewhere if he can't find one here. I can't imagine uprooting our family....and leaving this house that we so lovingly and painstakingly built. I am a pessimist and expect the hubbie, however is an optimist and is looking towards the future...he's even excited about the possibility of new changes for him. He's doing well. As for me...not so much.

But I know that we will get through this. God will provide for us. We will survive. I do ask all you loyal blog reader to please keep us in your prayers...please pray specifically that God will lead Travis to a new job and quickly!

As for me...I guess I need to start blogging about how we are going to cut back and save money and make it through each month! Who knows! I may even come up with some new tips and tricks! :)

P.S. In the meantime I am fantasizing exactly what I will say to Travis' boss if I am ever given the chance...


Stacy said...

I don't usually leave you a comment like I should. I'm bad at that and I'm sorry. I just want you to know... I have been following your blog for awhile now. We have baby girls about the same age. Madison is 6 months. Your little one is so precious and I LOVE all the stuff you create, blog about. It keeps me coming back. Today I'm sad for you. So I thought I better leave you some words of encouragement. I'm so sorry to hear your bad news. Changes are always hard. I speak from lots of experience since my hubby is in the military. Something though always better will come your way when it change happens. It opens new doors and allows it to come in. You just kinda have to go with the flow. I know your hubby will find work again soon with a much better company. Keep the faith and I'm praying for you and your family. Keep your head up girly. Sending big hugs your way. :) ~Stacy

Anonymous said...

Keep the faith,as bad as this seems now, I am sure it will become a blessing, down the road.

Love and prayers, Aunt Rosie

Rachelle said...

Oh Randi, that is terrible! I can't believe his boss would do that without even giving him a notice! I know it is hard, but try to stay positive. I am hoping that in a few weeks you will be able to look back on this as a blessing. We will be praying for you guys!

Allison said...

Oh Randi - I'm just now seeing this. I'm so sorry for you all. Is that even legal to not offer any kind of notice like that? Lots of prayers for your family!

Jennifer said...

Well, not the post I was looking forward to reading....I like to come to see smiley Essie and read about the silly things she's up to. Well, guess not today. I will pray for your husband and ask the Lord to take care of you all as you transition your family through this...You will get through this!

Anonymous said...

There is a reason for every thing-good luck.

Rebecca said...

That stinks! We will be praying for you all.You know that if he finds any good ones in Northwest Arkansas you would have some friends that would love to have some old friends close and a teacher friend that would love to recommend you as a teacher.

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