Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Day #4 was day number FOUR of being stuck in the house.  Travis had to go into work but the schools are still closed so Essie and I stayed home again...we've not been out since last Thursday. 

She was very fussy today...all she wanted to do was play with toys in her room.  But she had a meltdown if  I walked away or even got too far from her.  So we spent the day joined at the hip and playing with toys.  She refused to nap and refused to be put down.  I called the DR. again since she's been through a round of steroids and she's still coughing and having a runny nose.  He said he wanted to see her again since she should be better...SO this afternoon Essie and I left the was amazingly nice to have a change of scenery.  Even she was relieved. 

 The roads were still pretty sketchy in some place and they've already called school for tomorrow so looks like we will be having snow day #5!  And the DR said that her chest is still clear but that she has an ear infection so he gave us meds.  Bless her wonder she was cranky! :(  So we ran to Target to get her meds and she HAD to have this Elmo.  She's had her eye on him for weeks...everytime she seems him she smiles and leans toward him (WHAT is it with Elmo???).  And since she was sick...we got it for her...and she L-O-V-E-S him!


Jane B said...

Hope she is better soon. So glad you were home so you could give her lots of momma lovin'!

Anonymous said...

good to have a day you was not in the house all day,even if it was a trip to the Dr.hope she will be well soon--

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