Thursday, February 25, 2010

12 hour day and a pimped out car

Ahhh...tonight was Parent-Teacher Conferences so it was a 12 hour workday for me!  The conferences were from 2-8 so I'm's so tiring to go from parent to parent and talk for like 6 hours straight (after teaching ALL day).  But I do LOVE PT conferences...I love catching up with the parents-and this year was almost like a party-I've never laughed so hard! I have been lucky to have been given such great kids this year with great parents!  And to top it off-my secret pal at work surprised me with this platter of cookies AND a diet dr. pepper! Just made my night!  AND to top that off my hubs brought me a sonic diet coke and Essie by to see me!  I was super bummed since she'd be in bed by the time I got home! I thought it was sweet but I didnt' want her to leave!  AND to top that off...the house was clean when I got home.  So nice!

And what's my hubs been doing to pass the time while being at home (other than updating his resume and applying for jobs like crazy)....well....are you ready?  He's been "pimping" Essie's car...yes...he put her name on it...oh that man! :)

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Cunningham's Chaos said...

That is the coolest thing ever!

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