Sunday, January 20, 2013

Play date, Birthday, & closet

We had a huge first at our house this past week.  Essie had a playdate scheduled with her BFF Camryn from school.  That day is snowed like crazy out of nowhere and we were afraid we were going to have to cancel but we thankfully didn't have to.  The girls were so relieved.  I picked them both up, we stopped for Sonic drinks, and headed home.  Within a few minutes both girls had stripped down and put on Essie's pajamas.  They played for the longest time and had so much fun.  After a little while, we took the girls to Chick FilA for dinner and they played there forever!  Essie cannot wait for her next playdate now!

 Yesterday was Peepaw's birthday.  We had a little celebration for him at YaYa's house in Little Rock.  We ate spaghetti and Essie loved getting to see her little cousin Bryce.

Today we worked all day on our master closet.  It was horrendous.  Travis' side was beyond horrible and I cannot remember the last time I saw the floor on his side of the closet EVER!  We worked all day and got rid of half of our clothes.  It feels so good now to walk in there and not feel stressed! 

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