Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December fun

I have just been too busy to regularly update the blog...I hate it but we just had too much fun in December! Here's what we've been busy doing:

Essie wrote her letter to Santa this year and gave it to him when she had her pictures made with him! She did soooo good and was so brave.  We got the most beautiful picture of her and Santa.

We went to the zoo with YaYa and Peepaw.

We decorated Gingerbread houses...they were just too gorgeous.

Essie had her dance open house.  She was supposed to be able to give us a preview of her recital but she freaked out halfway through and stood frozen & cried.  Nana, Pa, YaYa, and Peepaw all drove up to see her so we were really disappointed.  I think it was just overwhelming having that many eyes on her at once.  She did much better during the gymnastics session because we were not all in the room.

We made homemade gingerbread ornaments.

Essie had her Christmas program/party at school! Oh wow it was amazing! We had a huge potluck dinner and the kiddos sang for us.  The kids exchanged gifts with each other and Santa even came!  It was such a magical night and we are so blessed to have Jerry & Carol in our lives.  It took a lot for them to host...they even rearranged their entire house for it! They have been the biggest blessing for our little one.

We decked our house with lots of lights...

and spent many nights driving around in pajamas looking at Christmas lights.

And I cannot even count the number of Christmas movies watched, cups of hot cocoa drank, and songs that we sang! :)
I feel this past month we were able to spend so many nights making memories...happiness!

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